Monday, July 21, 2014

Chrome Remote Desktop : Control your computer from your Android Phone

This post is followup post for previous post: Chrome remote desktop: A handy remote access tool

In this post we will explore one more section that you may find on home page of Chrome remote desktop add-on. That is Access your own computer from anywhere. 

You can control your desktop remotely from your Android Phone or any other android device. You may need to install Chrome remote desktop Android App in your android device from Google Play Store.

In order to configure Chrome Remote Desktop add-on in chrome follow first 5 steps from previous post: Chrome remote desktop: A handy remote access tool

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Chrome remote desktop: A handy remote access tool

"Chrome remote desktop" is remote access tool from Big G. Remote access softwares allows you to remotely access some other computer. There are several remote access softwares available in market like TeamViewer, WebEx PCNow and many more. However Chrome remote desktop is a lightweight tool using which you can remotely access some other computer using your browser itself.

So let's get started: 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

MongoUniversity: Learn MongoDB and get certified

One more techie post. This one is about MongoDB the most popular NoSQL database. Never heard about NoSQL? Check on wikipedia.

MongoDB is the most popular and fastest growing NoSQL database (check on ). MongoDB is document store type NoSQL database.

You may contact Big G for more details on MongoDB and NoSQL. However here is a nice article pointing out advantages and challenges of NoSQL databases.

MongoDB University is best place to learn MongoDB and also get certified for the same. They provide several courses. Check out here. And as expected all courses are free.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Big Data course by Rackspace CloudU

As mentioned on their about us page:
CloudU is a vendor-neutral curriculum designed for business owners and technical professionals who want to bolster their knowledge of the fundamentals of Cloud Computing.
CloudU program is a collaborative effort between Rackspace® Hosting and industry analysts. Rackspace is one of the leading cloud provider.
Find more about CloudU here.

It is just an informative post for those who are interested in Big Data. CloudU have launched MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Big Data. You can earn certification for free at the end of the course. Check this blog post for more information.

To register and get started with course check out this link.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Talend: An open source data integration software

Writing about some cool Opensource tool after a long time ...

This one is highly technical post mainly targeted to Data Professionals.

There are many famous leaders in data integrations like Informatica, IBM and few more ... However talend is opensource one. It gives you full access to code. Talend Open Studio is the most open, innovative and powerful data integration solution on the market today.

Talend is the first provider of open source data integration software. Its main product is Talend Open Studio. Talend Open Studio is a powerful and versatile set of open source products for developing, testing, deploying and administrating data management and application integration projects.More over Talend open studio is completely free to Download and Use (For more advanced features you can also opt for enterprise edition which is chargeable).

There are several variants of Talent Open Studio is available catering your needs. For more info check this page.

You can download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration from here.

To get started with Talend: Talend Tutorials
There few more Open Source BI solutions. Might explore in future posts.

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